Report: Women Harmed By Budget Crisis

sad-woman_9.jpgWomen are disproportionally harmed by the failure of leaders to make passing a budget - one that chooses revenue over cuts to vital services - our state’s number one priority. This is due to the fact that women make far less than men for the very same work and caregiving responsibilities are far more likely to fall on their shoulders.

The loss of critical state services is shifting a greater burden onto the shoulders of women. State policymakers are failing women across the state by failing to pass a year-long, fully- funded budget that chooses revenue over cuts to services women rely on. State leaders are:

• denying women opportunities to go to college and work,

• failing to support female caregivers,

• robbing women seniors of independence and dignity,

• endangering women’s safety,

• and increasing poverty and homelessness among women.

When women are denied opportunity and independence, our families, our communities, our economy, and our entire state suffer. The right choice for women is the right choice for Illinois, to choose revenue.

CLICK HERE to read the full report: State Leaders Are Failing Women By Failing to Pass a Responsible Budget