The following is a list of reports, fact sheets, and other resources detailing the harm being caused by the Governor's failure to pass a fully funded, yearlong budget with new, permanent revenue for over two years.


Damage Done: The Impact of the Illinois Budget Stalemate on Women and Children

August 2, 2017

The report,  “Damage Done: The Impact of the Illinois Budget Stalemate on Women and Children,” was prepared by Voices for Illinois Children and Loyola’s Center for Urban Research and Learning. Illinois’ most vulnerable residents, including low-income women of color and their children, continue to bear the burden of the state’s two-year impasse, which delayed payment of contracts to social service providers and resulted in significant cuts in staff and services that cannot be quickly replaced.

The report calls for policymakers to make a long-term commitment to adequately funding services for women and children to ensure they have opportunities to lead safe, healthy and stable lives in Illinois

Read the full report.


United Way of Illinois Survey Social Service Agencies Post-Stop Gap Funding 

April 6, 2017

Twenty-one months into the budget stalemate, and less than three months after a stop-gap budget that released funds from July 1 – December 31, 2016, social service agencies answered questions related to service delivery and organizational stability and found the following: 

  • 69% of agencies have received no or only partial payment for services delivered in FY17.
  • Less than 3 months since the stop-gap budget ended, 46% of all agencies surveyed have reduced the number of clients they serve.
  • Since the stop-gap budget ended, 25% of all agencies surveyed have shuttered programs; criminal justice, employment training and youth development programs have experienced the most significant closures

Read the full report here.


United Way Survey Reveals One Million Illinoisans Have Been Harmed by the Budget Impasse

June 23, 2016

The fourth iteration of a survey conducted by United Way of Illinois revealed that over one million Illinoisans have lost services since the onset of the budget impasse. Our #OneInAMIllionIL social media campaign is based on the results of this survey.


Atlas of Austerity

May 28. 2016

Check out THIS MUST SEE website, Atlas of Austerity, at

Ms. Melissa Heil is a graduate student at UIUC’s Department of Geography and GIS.  She created a website called the Illinois Atlas of Austerity, which chronicles the various impacts the state budget impasse has had on social service agencies, higher education, youth programs, and public health. 


Budget Impasse Creating Barriers For Women and Mothers

Responsible Budget Coalition

May 2016

Women are disproportionally harmed by the failure of leaders to make passing a fully funded budget - one that chooses revenue over cuts to vital services - our state’s number one priority.  This is due to the fact that women make far less than men for the very same work and caregiving responsibilities are far more likely to fall on their shoulders.

The Responsible Budget Coalition first provided an analysis of the budget impasse’s impact on women in December. This is an update of that analysis and shows a number of ways state policymakers are creating barriers for women and mothers.

Read the full report here.


Illinois’ Budget Impasse Dismantling Critical Public Services

April 25, 2016

An RBC powerpoint presentation prepared by the Fiscal Policy Center at Voices for Illinois Children.


Budget Impasse Continues to Devastate Illinois Families and Communities​

Fiscal Policy Center at Voices for Illinois Children

March 2016

The Fiscal Policy Center at Voices for Illinois Children released an updated report detailing the negative impact the budget impasse has had on 43 services. The report includes specific accounts from regional providers around the state.

Download full report here

Click here for a summary of the report that appeared in Capitol Fax


State of Our State: Failure to Invest in Families and Communities Is Weakening Illinois

Responsible Budget Coalition

January 26, 2016

Nearly 85,000 seniors losing meals on wheels, more than 130,000 people with epilepsy without treatment, and 15,000 low income women at risk of not receiving potential life saving cancer screenings.  Those are just a few of the consquences of the Govenor and lawmakers' failure to put a budget first that chooses revenue over cuts to families and commmunites.  The lack of investment is weakening Illinois. Read our report.

Two Page Summary

Full Report


Damage to Illinois Caused by Budget Impasse Getting Worse

Responsible Budget Coalition

February 2016

The Governor and lawmakers have failed to put non-budget issues aside and pass a FY16 budget that chooses revenue over cuts to services families, communities, and our economy need to thrive.  The result is a weakening of our state.

Fact sheet


Capacity of Local Health Departments at the Breaking Point

Illinois Public Health Association

January 08, 2016

Nearly one-half of health departments have reduced capacity, including more than one-third that have laid off staff and one-sixth that have reduced hours. 

CLICK HERE to read the IPHA's report and see a map of the affected health departments.


State Leaders Are Failing Women By Failing to Pass a Responsible Budget

Responsible Budget Coalition

December 2015

The report details how the failure of state policymakers to choose revenue and pass a year-long, fully funded budget denies women opportunities to go to college and work, fails to support female caregivers, robs women seniors of independence and dignity, endangers women’s safety, and increases poverty and homelessness among women.

CLICK HERE for a summary of the report.

CLICK HERE for the full report.


Second Survey Shows Further Deterioration of Human Service Sector

United Way

October 19, 2015

An October survey by the United Way of 500 organizations that receive state funding found the following:

  • 84% of respondents have cut the number of clients they serve (up from 34% in July)
  • 31% of respondents have one month or less of cash reserves
  • 22% of agencies have been forced to layoff staff

Click here for more information about the survey.


Lack of Budget Is Dismantling Critical State Services

Fiscal Policy Center at Voices for Illinois Children

September 2015

There has been a lot of confusion among advocates, providers, and state officials following the enforcement of a series of consent decrees and the approval of the federal pass-through measure as to what services are, and are not, being funded in the absence of an approved budget. In response, the Fiscal Policy Center at Voices for Illinois Children compiled this budget snapshot to identify many critical services that are not being funded, how much state funding is required to close the current funding gap, and the growing human costs of the budget impasse.  They concluded that the failure of Illinois lawmakers to restore revenue needed to support essential services is causing widespread damage to the state, with children, seniors, and those with disabilities the hardest hit.

Read the full report from the Fiscal Policy Center.


The State Budget Impasse Is Causing Homelessness in Illinois: A Responsible Budget with Adequate Revenue is Urgently Needed

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Housing Action Illinois, & Supportive Housing Providers Association

September 10, 2015

90% of homeless service providers surveyed in Illinois have already or will be forced to reduce intake of new clients, decrease or eliminate services, layoff/furlough staff, eliminate programs, or close their sites, making it harder for individuals and families who are homeless to access emergency shelter and transitional housing.

The report concludes: “We need a responsible budget now. Elected officials, Governor Rauner and others, must stop using children and families as bargaining chips to address non-budget demands. We call on Governor Rauner and members of the General Assembly to focus all their energy on resolving the impasse and agree to a budget with adequate revenue to fund services as passed by the General Assembly in May.”

Read the full report here

Illinois’ Budget Crisis is Harming Families & Communities RIGHT NOW

Responsible Budget Coalition

August 2015

As of July 1st, the state has stopped funding vital services for children, families, and communities. Providers have already been forced to cut off families from vital services and eliminate essential jobs. Some have closed their doors. Illinois’ families, communities, and economy are being harmed RIGHT NOW.  

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