Damage to Illinois Caused by Budget Impasse Getting Worse

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The Governor and lawmakers have failed to put non-budget issues aside and pass a FY16 budget that chooses revenue over cuts to services families, communities, and our economy need to thrive.  The result is a weakening of our state.

Harm to Working Families and the Economy

  • The state is not funding MAP tuition grants for 130,000 college students, forcing many to drop out.
  • Colleges and universities have been forced to raise tuition and cut faculty and staff.
  • 10,000 children are not eligible for childcare and co-pays have risen as high as 20%.
  • 419 state construction projects remain on hold.
  • The 138-year-old State Museum is closed to the public at the direction of the Governor. 
  • Public transportation for working families, seniors, and those with disabilities has been eliminated on certain days in some Central Illinois counties.
  • 90% of homeless services providers have or will be forced to cut clients, services, or staff.
  • Over 100,000 immigrants, including those hoping to become U.S. citizens, can’t get vital services.
  • No state funding is flowing for adult education and job training services.
  • No funding is being provided for home visiting programs that offer support and coaching to 6,000 pregnant women, young parents, and children birth through age 3.


Harm to Communities and Public Safety      

  • The state is not funding training for 57,000 law enforcement officers.
  • Nearly 15,000 youth lost access to high-quality, comprehensive after-school services (Teen REACH) at 122 sites around the state.
  • Redeploy Illinois, which saves the state millions by diverting youth from incarceration in the Department of Juvenile Justice, is shut down in 23 counties.
  • The state stopped funding grants for psychiatrists, forcing providers to turn away new patients with serious mental illness who do not have health insurance.
  • Substance abuse programs have been shuttered and treatment for 70,000 Illinoisans are at risk.


Harm to Seniors and those with Disabilities

  • 84,500 seniors have lost Meals on Wheels and/or Home and Community Based Services. 
  • Senior protective services are not being funded.
  • Centers for Independent Living around the state are not being funded, resulting in cuts to trainings for personal assistants and referral services for those with disabilities.  Some, like the Northwestern Illinois Center for Independent Living, had to suspend services and lay off staff.


Harm to Children

  • TAP (The Autism Program) is not being funded for nearly 1,800 families; TAP facilities around the state have closed or reduced capacity.
  • The state is failing to fund services for 130,000 people living with epilepsy, including children, in the greater Chicagoland area; and the Springfield facility closed.
  • The Sudden Infant Death Program no longer provides free training for parents, health providers, and law enforcement outside the Chicagoland area and can no longer provide no-cost safe cribs to families.


Harm to Women and Public Health

  • Nearly half of county health departments have reduced capacity, including more than one-third that have laid off staff and one-sixth that have reduced hours. 
  • No state funding is going to breast and cervical cancer screenings, meaning an estimated 15,000 fewer women might not get these potentially life-saving services.
  • A program to prevent people from contracting HIV and AIDS (“PrEP” program) was halted.


updated 02/26/16