Responsible Budget Coalition: Illinois needs revenue to thrive

The State-Journal Register asked the Responsible Budget Coalition, "Given the state’s financial situation, what agenda would you set for the governor and General Assembly?" Our answer is to choose revenue. Read our full response.

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Illinois Senate Shows the Way on Reaching a Budget Agreement

The Responsible Budget Coalition released a statement following the passage of a year-long budget in the Illinois Senate.

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Why We Need Adequate Revenue: Illinois in Chaos

Without a state budget and enough revenue, the damage is real-and it's getting worse. See RBC's new fact sheet.

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In Illinois’ seventh month without a budget, parents, students, advocates outline weak state of our state ahead of Governor’s address

Parents, students and advocates will lay out the devastating impact the failure to prioritize a fully funded budget has had on Chicago children and families in a press conference a day ahead of Gov. Rauner’s State of the State address.

Rockford Area Families to Outline Weak “State of our State” Ahead of Governor’s Address

Local members of the Responsible Budget Coalition will deliver a report describing the weak “State of our State” at a press conference one day ahead of the Governor’s State of the State Address. For seven months, the Governor and General Assembly have failed to put a budget first that chooses revenue, which has weakened Northern Illinois families and communities.

Carbondale Families and Providers to Report on State of Our State

What: Responsible Budget Coalition members will deliver a report on the “State of our State” at a press conference one day ahead of the Governor’s State of the State Address. Participants will describe how budget impasse is weakening state. They will report on the state of working families and the economy, communities and public safety, seniors and those with disabilities,children and youth, and women and public health.

LSSI to close 30 programs, eliminate 750 positions

Submitted on Fri, 01/22/2016 - 17:29

On January 22nd, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) announced the closure of 30 programs, and the elimination of 750 positions, or 43 percent of LSSI’s total employees. As a result of these closures, approximately 4,700 seniors, veterans, youth, and families will lose access to LSSI’s in-home care, respite, senior protective services, mental health, substance abuse, youth shelters, and re-entry services.  It is a direct consquence of the Governor and the General Assembly failing to ‪choose revenue‬ & put a ‪‎budget first‬.

Bruce Rauner’s “Short Term Pain” Approach Bringing Long-Term Harm in Education, Jobs

Submitted on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 18:00

RBC Co-Coordinator and Voices for Illinois Children’s Emily Miller wrote this compelling case for Gov. Rauner's short-term approach is hurting us now and well into the future. Regarding higher education cuts she writes: "It’s time for Illinois to ask: What, exactly, is it worth, and who will pay the price? Is it worth the long-term removal of the rungs of the ladder to the middle class? Is it worth lasting harm to our economy?" emily-miller.jpg

State of OUR State Rally

Join us our first statewide mass mobilization of the Responsible Budget Coalition on January 27th at the Capitol in Springfield. Our collective voice is needed to define the true state of OUR State and the solutions that ensure families and communities succeed before the Governor delivers his State of the State Address. RallyBudgetCuts